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Investing Monitoring

Choosing and monitoring the appropriate investments offered in your company’s retirement plan is a serious fiduciary task, as it can impact a participant’s retirement experience. Anthem Financial Services provides independent investment analysis to assist you with this important responsibility.

Anthem Financial Services will work with the retirement plan committee to develop and maintain the plan's investment strategy, which is codified in an investment policy statement. This investment policy statement is used as a guide to evaluate your current investment offerings, measuring them against applicable indices, your existing provider's complete menu and the broader universe of investment options. The result is the confidence that your plan's investments are diversified, well managed, and work toward meeting the stated objectives of your plan.

  • Investment Policy Statement – Anthem will assist in the preparation or review of an investment policy statement (“IPS”) for the Plans based upon consultation with Client.

  • Ongoing Investment Recommendations – Anthem will recommend, for consideration and selection by Client, specific investments to be held by the Plans or, in the case of a participant-directed defined contribution plan, to be made available as investment options under the Plans. Anthem will propose alternate investment options  if an existing investment offering is determined to no longer meet the investment monitoring criteria.

  • Performance Reports – Anthem will prepare periodic reports reviewing the performance of all Plan investment options, as well as comparing the performance thereof to benchmarks with Client.  The information used to generate the reports will be derived directly from information such as statement provided by Client, investment providers and/or third parties.


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